D a n c e r . C o l l a b o r a t o r . A r t M a k e r

:: P e r f o r m a n c e   W o r k

Mocean Dance There Might Be Others, Rebecca Lazier – New York, NY (In process) 2016
Mocean Dance Stealing Fire, Emily Gualtieri – Halifax, NS 2016
Mocean Dance Burnwater: Alchemy – collaboration with Hear Here Productions 2016-2017
Independent After Godot, Randy Glinn – Halifax, NS 2015
Independent The Work of the Dancer, Jacinte Armstrong – Halifax NS 2015
Mocean Dance Live From The Flash Pan, Cory Bowles – Halifax, NS 2015
Mocean Dance Sable Island, Serge Bennathan – Halifax, NS 2015
Mocean Dance In C project (creation residency), Rebecca Lazier – Halifax, NS 2015
Independent rewriting distance, Susanne Chui/project lead by Lin Snelling & Guy Cools – Halifax, NS 2014
Find The Floor Dance Collective A Way of Seeing, Shannon Roberts – Toronto, ON 2014
Mocean Dance CLEaR FORUM (Choreographic Research Lab), Emily Gualtieri – Halifax, NS 2014
Mocean Dance Body Abandoned, Sara Coffin -Halifax, NS 2014
Independent Nutshell, Sharon Moore – Halifax, NS 2014
Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie AllOneWord, James Kudelka – Toronto, ON 2011-2014
Mocean Dance Burnwater, Susanne Chui/Erin Donovan – East Dover, NS 2013
Mocean Dance CLEaR FORUM (Choreographic Research Lab), Sarah Douglas – Halifax, NS 2013
Mocean Dance Canvas 5 x 5, Tedd Robinson – Halifax, NS 2013
Independent Threnodies, Susanne Chui – Halifax NS 2012
Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie 15 Heterosexual Duets, James Kudelka – Toronto, ON 2011
Independent The Horologium, Michael Caldwell – Toronto ON 2011
Independent Citizens, Veronique MacKenzie – Halifax, NS 2011
Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie Impermanence, Gulliaume Cote – Ottawa, ON 2010
Gallim Dance SportMAX re:MMIX, Andrea Miller – Soho, New York 2009

:: C h o r e o g r a p h y

New Commission 25 minutes, 3 dancers – Votive Dance, Sonic Temple – Halifax, NS 2016
Out The Front . 18 minutes, 1 dancer – Kinetic Studio, Solo Explorations – Halifax, NS 2014
Biography . 12 minutes, 2 dancers – Kinetic Studio, Open Studio Series – Halifax, NS 2014
Shadow Casters . 9 minutes, 2 dancers, 2 benches – Halifax, NS 2014
Restart . 9 minutes, 2 dancers – DANSpace on Grafton, Halifax NS 2014
Floodrush . 5 minutes, 2 dancers – The Chimera Project – Enwave Theatre – Toronto, ON 2013
Overexposure . 15 minutes, 2 dancers – Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto ON 2011
The Elephant In The Room . 15 minutes, 1 dancer – Kinetic Studio Series, Halifax, NS 2011
Fragment . 6 minutes, 1 dancer – Alderney Landing Theatre, Halifax, NS 2010

:: P r o f e s s i o n a l D e v e l o p m e n t

Axis Syllabus Nomadic College at Earthdance, MA – Frey Faust, Kelly Keenan, Kira Kirsch, Antoine Ragot 2015
Improvisation Workshop 1313 Hollis, Halifax NS – Susanna Hood, Scotta Thompson 2014
American Dance Festival Durham, NC – Mixed Program 2013
Gaga Intensive Summer Course Tel Aviv, Israel – Batsheva/Ohad Naharin 2012
Springboard Danse Montreal Ballet Divertimento, Montreal QC – Mixed Program 2008-2010

:: T r a i n i n g

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre – Toronto, ON 2006-2009
Curriculum: anatomy, ballet, bouffon, cardio/conditioning, contemporary technique, creative process, contact improvisation, dance history, Graham technique, improvisation, music, repertory.
Faculty: Massimo Agostinell, Johanna Bergfelt, Wendy Chiles, Patricia Fraser, Fiona Griffiths, Susanna Hood, Christopher House, Rosemary James, Pam Johnson, Helen Jones, Sean Ling, Susan Macpherson, Robert McCollum, Patricia Miner, Julia Sasso, Erika-Leigh Stirton, Darryl Tracy.
Guest Faculty: Germaul Y Barnes, Mac Bovin, Paul-Andre Fortier, Tedd Robinson, Risa Steinberg, Debbie Wilson, Christine Wright.
Repertoire: Massimo Agostinelli: (Not Just) Anyone. Peggy Baker: 5 Views of The Temple Garden. Peter Chin: A Discourse on The Quality of Fun. Danny Grossman: Endangered Species. D.A Hoskins: Scenes From An Indie Film. Sasha Ivanochko: Angel Apart, Assembling. James Kudelka: See#4. Louis Laberge-Cote: El Monte Diablo. Jose Limon: A Choreographic Offering. Coralee McLaren: Aerial Procession. Sharon Moore: What Some Can See. Darryl Tracy: …like one memory. William Yong: Weaving Kismet.