Sunday, July 30 2017

Everyone is born with the creative and communicative tools to produce the life they are born to lead, but it is desire that brings us outward into the dance that is happening when we arrive. From that very point we have choice and circumstance.

The things, or tools, we are born with must be nurtured and cultivated if we want them to survive; ephemeral or abstract concepts teach us not only about the what of who we are, but give us foundational perspectives on life, that are as important as the things we do with this life; by way of the economy, consumption, pleasure, etc…

We are drawn to those who comprehend us because it validates our existence, they perpetuate this thing within us that is inherent, but the people who naturally subvert this are also important. They take our familiarity and ask us to question it. We gain substantial depth of character whenever we can take the time to honestly ask (and attempt to answer) questions that make us uncomfortable, when we can diverge from a justified bias that claims truth by way of a deity.

Looking at people from a lens which only comprehends life through one perspective, finds itself misunderstanding the depth to which people exist and function in the world. Though this incomprehension we take action, and thus, life is affected in the now which creates ripples into a future that we cannot predict. However, a deeper search to understand the source of being itself, might show us that we want similar things, but the problem is that we cannot agree upon what that looks like, or even how we might begin carving a path to get there.

Conflict is a normal part of life. Indoctrinating children, or anyone who is unable to defend or discern or debate their own truth, is not okay with me. We must reach out in a desire to comprehend others, and in turn, feel that our own self is comprehended, before asking anyone to accept the ideology by which we live.

Disrespectful people (or any person), in my opinion, are not grown like fungal matter that only cultures by way of a perfect condition. Disrespect lives on a spectrum of all isms.

It is much more complex than left and right.

In Peace



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