Sunday, February 26 2017

what movement has presented itself to me as,
is the explicit search for compassion and acceptance,
and growth
both within myself and others
through extension – the reach of an arm,
through touch, through sensitivity,
reflection, intention, perception and
the unfolding and merging of
tremors and silences along the timeline
of all lives as they appear to the world

If I can split my attention
between my sentient being
and my critical mind
I can move past my own judgement or ideal,
that I must be fixed in (or to) personality and form
just as gravity holds me to the earth

That through humanity
and it’s multitudinous experience comes the dance
not the other way around
That the body knows
and the body accepts
without reason
and I guess, when I step onstage
what I am ultimately believing in
or holding onto is
the release of everything I believe
to allow the unexpected to occur / arrive…


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