feeling good

Written in August during the re-writing distance practice.

go for a walk . put your feet up
pretend you were listening
ask questions, your ego will benefit
practice being oblivious. it’s like being an asshole,
but you can grin while doing it
make friends – with benefits
stay positive
laugh at yourself – nothing is worse than someone
who can’t take a fucking joke
form an opinion about world events
smile at old men who wear socks and sandals
buy organic . follow a blog . read
have a top three for everything
make a  bucket list . listen to classical music
watch sundance movies
keep a journal, but don’t speak about it
slow dance, even if you have no rhythm
don’t start pretending it means something
drink from your favourite mug
refrain from doing drugs
ask for a hug. cry
when you don’t get one
when you can’t come
exert yourself, physically
lose weight
count calories . eat chocolate cake
be a fool for something other than love
because when you fall
you’re bound to be kicked in the stomach


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